What’s New?

The National Martial Arts League has taken it upon itself to champion the “National Stop the Violence Campaign”.   This campaign’s goal is getting cities to commit to one weekend a year in which they will establish as National Stop the Violence week and have workshops, seminars, etc., for kids, teenagers and adults.

We are also seeking Tournament Promoters and cities to sign up and participate in the campaigns for their cities.  This is one of the reasons we are in business of Martial Arts; to train kids, women and men how to protect themselves and fight back when the need arises.  This helps in reducing crime rates and the incidence of bullying in society.

For additional information on registering your city or tournament to participate in the National Stop the Violence Campaign, complete our online request for more information, a campaign brochure will be sent to you via email.

We are promoting the “National Stop the Violence Campaign” through various media, both conventional and social media.  We have well laid programs for all ages and genders:

Bullying-Prevention Classes: We have specially-designed curriculum and experienced instructors to train kids in Martial Arts to make them bully-proof children.  It is all about changing their psyche, boosting their ego, build their body and train them how to fight back if there is a need for it.  The classes are broken down to various age-groups for an effective training.

Cyber-Bullying Training: In this era of social media and networking, there is need to train the mind of kids and young adults in combating this digital menace.  Unfortunately, most violent acts are carried out on the cyber space than the physical space presently.  National Martial Arts League is not leaving any stone unturned in combating this crime.

We constantly upgrade our cyber programs on bullying for our various franchisees so that they can launch the campaign nationwide in all their schools.  Our aim is to reduce the incidences of cyber predators that disguise as kids on social media or chat-platforms to bully unsuspecting innocent kids or young adults.

Free Community Seminar and Workshop: We always advise our franchisees to offer at least two hours a month of FREE seminars or workshops to their communities, a quest to preach and act against violent acts.

It is a campaign for us all. For additional information click here.