Franchise Opportunity

The National Martial Arts League as a Martial Arts franchisor, we offer for sale the following franchises:

  • A National Martial Arts League Team Franchise
  • A Help Stand-Up Against Violence Everyone (S.A.V.E.) America Martial Arts School Franchise
  • And the Master Franchise, which is a combination of both

Martial Arts converts can be gotten from school shows and organised tournaments by promoters.  However, it is important to note that a series of quality training from professional teachers/masters with adequate tools will not only bring out a good performance; also, a stronger body, a sharper mind, increased self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability to physically defend yourself when the need arises.

The practicing of martial arts is all about the building of self-confidence, character development, and being responsible within the community; it is not just kicking and punching techniques.  Whenever martial arts are mentioned, what comes to most people’s mind is fighting, but it goes beyond that.  It is more of focusing on the personal growth; body building and character development.

The National Martial Arts League always encourages the entire family to enroll in martial arts’ training.  The more people that get involved the better society we have.  There is no age barrier; martial arts are good for both children and adults.  Irrespective of your profession, you can choose from any of the martial arts that catch your fancy; be it: Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido, Tai Chi, Kendo, etc.  Though the techniques involved in each of them might not be the same, but the end-results are the same.

Benefits of Purchasing a Franchise from the National Martial Arts League

The array of programs that exist in The National Martial Arts League provide a win-win situation for all Franchisees, irrespective of the franchise they choose.

  • Owning a Company of Your own:  As a franchisee, you have an opportunity to own a company of your own where you help people build their psyche, body, stamina and muscles; as well as maintaining their strength, good balance and flexibility, hence building a society of disciplined people.
  • Franchise Training: The National Martial Arts League Team provides training from the start up to the finish including mandatory and obligatory training for start-ups plus on-going training to operate the business. A comprehensive confidential operations manual is provided.
  • Obtaining Financing: If financing is a concern, the National Martial Arts Franchise Corporate Team provides assistance to potential franchise-owners to obtain financial assistance.  Assistance is likewise provided in business plan development which is usually required in the loan process.   We can suggest a number of lending institutions listed on the SBA registry to fast-track the loan processes.
  • General Contractor and Build-Out Process: The National Martial Arts League Project Coordinating Team also provides assistance in facility build-out from the process of finding an architect to utilizing one of the pre-approved market-based general contractors. Architectural guidelines including floor plans are provided.
  • Social Status: Owning a franchise will enhance your status where people see a franchisee as an employer of labor.  It is an opportunity to have a new professional status that will be financially rewarding.
  • Steady Source of Income: A well-managed franchise will not only boost the social status of a franchisee, rather promote the economic status of the owner through a steady source of income.
  • Helping the Society to Curb Social Crimes: No matter the type of franchise you choose; you will train kids and adults to be strong and courageous to defend themselves against physical and cyber bullying.
  • Provide Challenging Youth Programs: As a franchisor, we get involved in moderating and advising our franchisees on several martial arts programs designed for kids to help them channel their burning-energy towards body and mind building to achieve self-discipline.
  • Adult Students: Our franchisees will enjoy programs which are also designed for adults. These help them cope with stress, experience better sleep at night, work and breathe better.  And this always leads to peace of mind, due to the skills acquired through various training.  It also helps in combating crimes, even when faced with any kind of challenge.
  • Exclusive Franchise Protection: We give franchise protection to our clients within their territories where no other franchise will be given within 4 kilometers of your Martial Arts Franchise location, except for major metropolitan areas. Even at that, there will still be franchise protection.
  • Market-Driven Programs: Aside from our core martial franchise, we help our franchisees to formulate and adopt marketing strategies that will be suitable for their operational environment. Our marketing programs set us apart from others; we provide a comprehensive and market-driven program.
  • Grand Opening: A National Martial Arts League Franchise representative will be on hand to provide guidance and assistance in opening the business to the public.
  • On-going Corporate, Field and Website Support: The National Martial Arts League will be a constant presence especially when required by the franchise owner in the operation of its business. The Franchise Support Team is always up and ready to provide needed support.
  • Marketing and Advertising Support: The National Martial Arts League Team provides advertising and promotional materials online which franchise holders can use for their own marketing blitz. Franchise owners are likewise given access to marketing programs created and tested by us to increase their student-member base.
  • Clear Revenue Plan: The National Martial Arts League Team has identified all possible ways in which its franchise owners can maximize revenue potentials. The financial interest of franchise owners is protected to ensure success in operation. The high growth potential of any of our franchise offerings is something which anyone can take advantage of; but it is a decision that must be made SOON – before the offered possibilities run out.

Marketing Team: We provide a well-structured marketing program for all our franchisees that will help them execute all their complete marketing programs for them to have full concentration on the running of their Martial Arts franchise businesses.