About Us


The National Martial Arts League (NMAL) Franchise, LLC was formed as a limited liability company in South Carolina on October 26, 2009. It owns and has trademarked the corporate names ” Help Stand-Up Against Violence Everyone (S.A.V.E.) America” and “National Martial Arts League”. It is affiliated with the Kumite, INC which has been in existence since 2002 and owned by Dexter Kennedy.

Dexter Kennedy is the man behind the National Martial Arts

League and the Help Stand-Up Against Violence Everyone (S.A.V.E.) America. The retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer has been an active participant and promoter of the sport of martial arts, having had commenced its study in 1974 before teaching in 1976 through a local continuing program while he was still in his teens in Columbia, SC. He earned his blackbelt and opened his first karate school in 1986 at Harlingen, TX.

He learned only from the best. The likes of Martial Arts
National Champion Mike Genova and Blackbelt Hall of Fame Member Keith Vitali handled his training when he resumed martial arts study after active military service. He did not only complete and became nationally rated for seven years but also became one of the respected Desert Storm veterans in 1990.

Dexter Kennedy is a firm believer in the philoshophy of “Making People Better for Life”. This is best seen in his martial arts school – ” Help Stand-Up Against Violence Everyone (S.A.V.E.) America”. He has been providing martial arts programs that have been benefitting the community including programs that address the issues of stress, obesity, crime and bullying. Traditional belt certificate programs continue to be the main programs of the school.

Dexter Kennedy has been in the sport long enough to know that martial arts can still be elevated to a higher level where everyone who holds a stake in it can and will benefit. Martial artist, promoters, school owners, and investors can expect to benefit from the institution of a professional martial arts league. The exclusive chance to be part of that action is what this franchise package offers.

Mission Statement

The National Martial Arts League is here to enrich your life through martial arts.  We are in the business of developing a complete independent individual.  Through our various training programs, we instill discipline in our students to gain enough self-confidence, improve their physical fitness, achieve life balance, find happiness and discover inner peace anywhere in the universe, be it physical or cyber realm.

About Us

The National Martial Arts League is a franchisor offering a martial arts school franchise, a pro-sports team franchise and/or master franchise for sale.  We focus our curriculum, teaching, instruction and training programs on Honor, Confidence, Respect, Loyalty and Humility which are the basic Tenets and the very foundation of our company.  These tenets lead to self-discipline which will have great impacts on the society at large by grooming responsible citizens.

We offer a martial arts school as a franchise, a professional martial arts sports team, in which it is a requirement that those desiring to purchase a team, must have or establish an annual tournament and a Master Franchise which includes the school, team and territorial rights, along with the right to sell franchise schools within their territory.

The National Martial Arts League is dedicated to being innovative in an effort to constantly provide our franchisees with the industry’s leading strategies.  Our philosophy is all about Making People Better for Life.   This drives us to do more for the society.  The essence of our franchises or franchise brand through our martial arts programs is to address ever-increasing issues of crime, stress, obesity and bullying which are fast becoming cancers in our modern society.

Our franchise scheme will provide you a platform to take the similar passion, desire and hunger of curbing criminalities in the society to a totally new level.  There can’t be a better opportunity to participate, manage and get involved in campaigning against violence in our society than what we are offering now.

The franchises being offered by National Martial Arts League Franchise have programs for an individual, group and community.  We take our students through perseverance and humility to reach their goals, not only in martial arts, but in all other areas of their lives.

  • We help in forming and coaching martial arts teams for your city or community which avail you the opportunity of having a pro-sports team representing your city which you can cheer at various competitions.
  • Having a team to support will help in forming a bond of unity in your city, hence unite the residents of your city and this is in accordance with the National Martial Arts League’s core project the “National Stop the Violence Campaign”.
  • Having Professional Martial Arts sports teams will enable your city’s team to participate at a national competition which will also be a source of income to the team and the Martial Artists.
  • With the National Martial Arts League Franchise Platform, you will be able to have a rewarding career within the martial arts community:
  • Owning and managing your very own Pro Martial Arts sports team
  • Increase your industry profile and geographic reach
  • Access to specialized training
  • New revenue streams through community based programs
  • Opportunity to give back to your community and society